Empowering Physicians to Thrive in Modern Healthcare

We help independent physicians run the business of their practice, so they can practice medicine.

Empowering Physicians for Success.

At Centerview Health, our mission is to equip independent physicians with the essential business tools they require to navigate the intricate landscape of today's healthcare sector. By focusing on the management of medical practices, we serve as a trusted partner, ensuring that physicians can concentrate on what they do best - providing exceptional patient care.

Empowering Physicians for Success.

At Centerview Health, we’re dedicated to empowering independent physicians with the business tools they need to operate and flourish in an increasingly complex healthcare environment. As a trusted partner for medical practices, our unique focus is on the fusion of business management and medical expertise.

From systems implementation to administrative intricacies, Centerview Health tackles multifaceted challenges :






Tailored Solutions: Tailoring Success for Your Practice

Centerview Health offers personalized strategies that enhance efficiency, engage patients, and drive growth. Your unique needs drive our customized solutions.

Revenue Cycle Management

RCM team works to collect all revenue that you have earned with detailed monthly reporting.

Human Resources

Payroll, benefits administration, compliance, workplace policies, and recruiting.

Information Technology

If you run into an issue, call us. Dedicated support team with remote access.


Detailed monthly reporting for insight into your practice's finances.


We share best practices and processes, as well as have remote support staffing.


Opening a new location? Looking to retire? We have the expertise to help.

Our Solution: An efficient Medical Group

  • Operate a medical group in New Jersey
  • Tailored solutions to optimize operations and patient care.
  • Collaborative partnership supports your unique needs.
  • Support where you need it; hands-off where you don't.
  • Balance clinical excellence with efficient practice management.

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Unlock the advantages of partnering with Centerview Health

Whether you have had a successful practice for decades or are just out of residency, we have solutions to partner with you.

Are you an independent physician with an existing medical practice? Join Centerview to receive:

  • Enhanced revenue opportunities
  • Professional reporting
  • Management and strategic support
  • Professional autonomy
  • improved practice economics

Starting a new practice can be daunting. Let our eperienced team guide you through the process:

  • Demographic research and site selection
  • Staff recruiting and human resources support
  • Payer contracting and credentialing
  • Management support
  • Experience to save time and effort

Looking to toward the next phase of your career? Let us help you with the transition:

  • Associate physician and partner recruitment
  • Management support
  • Support with partner buyouts
  • Provide business continuity
  • A real transition option for solo physicians

Ready to Transform Your Practice?

Experience streamlined management, optimized finances, and expert guidance with Centerview Health. Let's enhance patient care and drive success together.

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frequently asked questions

What is Centerview?

Centerview Health is a group medical practice and practice management organization.

How will Centerview help if I already own a medical practice?

Joining Centerview's medical group will allow you to have enhanced revenue opportunities through negotiated payer agreements and access our professional support. We will improve the economics of your practice while decreasing your administrative burden.

Where does Centerview Health operate?

Centerview Health has a medical group in New Jersey. We also do management projects in other states.

What is I don't have a medical practice currently?

Complete the contact form. We are always recruiting providers for associate and partner positions.

How do I get started with Centerview Health?

Contact us by phone, email, or the contact form on this website. We will set up a meeting with the goal of providing you value - whether you decide to join or not.

Do you maintain confidentiality regarding our conversations?

Of course! We understand that changes to your business are a highly sensitive matter. You have employees, patients, colleagues, and the community that rely on you. We will sign an NDA with you upon our first meeting and never disclose our conversations with anyone other than you.